My favourite food

Food is a favorite of everyone.
It not only has a unique taste, but also brings happiness to people and makes people forget many troubles.
The next eight pictures I took in my daily life, because I am a foodie, I like to taste the different flavors of the world.
I like to share my food everyday with my friends,
So I hope that using this website will make you feel the power of food and make you happy.

Famous brunch from Melbourne

Humble Rays is a popular vibrant cafe located just pass the CBD grid in Carlton.

There are lots of delicious food, but my favorite dishes which has a unique twist on the traditional eggs Benedict serving it up with ginger braised pork belly and an amazing croquette with a side of herb crumbs and free greens.
Humble Rays also did a good job on the crab meat scrambled.The eggs was rich and creamy enough,
it comes on a buttery flakey croissant and garnished with crunchy deep fried shallots and chilli that tantalises your taste buds.All in all,this cafe is definitely worth visiting!

Lune croissants

I’ve been a fan of Lune croissants for years and I’m glad they finally have a location in CBD.
This croissants was exactly what I was expecting and more.
Flaky and crisp on the outside whilst soft and melt in your mouth on the inside.Best croissants indeed!
In awe in every bites,my favorite is plain croissant.It was so buttery and fragrance!Definitely will be back.

Strawberry Watermelon Cake

The famous Strawberry Watermelon Cake.
Fresh,light and fragrant.Watermelon is very juicy and sweet,with a rose flavoured cream,topped with fresh strawberries and pistachio.
This is perfect for someone who is not that into sweets.They provide various sizes for this particular cake only.
Surprisingly they do weeding cakes too.Go check their website out for more details if you are looking for something special.

Delicious seafood

This is a seafood restaurant.If you really like seafood,this one is cheaper and good.
They got fresh seafood and cooked Asian food.
The decision was made in order to focus on maximizing their chances of getting into their preferred university.The shrimp and crab are really worth to taste.
The tacos were superb, the soft shell crab roll was really nice,I love the flavour of the crab inside and it had plenty of flesh.
Would highly recommend and I will be back.

Niku Ou Beef

It’s the best Japanese BBQ in Melbourne.
Also, this a one of the few places in Melbourne where you can get good quality meat.
Niku Ou boasts a lovely modern and sleek interior,a mix of high chair and booth seating and high grade beef.
Notably, the small detail of labeling of the meat was a great help.
We actually knew what we were eating for once.By the way,don’t come here unless you’re ready to splurge

Lady M Cake

This cake is named Lady M,a unique must for any fan of Japanese green tea, Green Tea Mousse Cake alternates a delicate green tea sponge cake with a matching,
ethereal light green tea mousse. A lush cover of fresh whipped cream and fine dusting of green tea cake crumbs to complete.
This cake shop is worth trying, because there are different flavors of cakes,
the taste is very unique, and the packaging is very delicate.
If you have a casual afternoon, you can go to this cake shop to pass the time.

Special Sandwich

The simple katsu beef sanga,what a delight.
The Japanese konws how to do simple weel and this is a prime example of simplicity at its best.
The katsu chicken,and also katsu pork,were fried to a crisped perfection,yet the meat retains a juicy and tender texture.
Sandwiched between two slices of soft and fluffy bread,it was amazing.This was really one of the yummiest things I’ve have eaten this year.Highly recommend people try it.

Daniel’s Donuts

This shop is from Daniel’s Donuts.Best donuts ever.
The price is affordable(6for15).I personally prefer filled donuts especially when they are filled with cream,
custard or mousse.They also are quite active on social media where they inform customers of special deals.
competitions and if the donuts run out.Come on,try it!
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